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Friday, April 07, 2006

Hermione Time

I just can't help it. I spent a good amount of time on the HP Lexicon tonight reading about the relationships between the characters and theories about plot endings and such from people all over the world. I love that. However, I do tend to get a little too wrapped up in it. Anyway, you know I love Hermione, and Lorien would tell you she's just like me anyway ... so here is a segment from an interview with screen writer Steven Kloves and JK Rowling about Hermione and her character. (If you are as easily addicted as I am, please, for the love of your time, do not delve into the links on any lexicon or otherwise Floo Networked page.)

Lizo: Steve, Hermione is a character that you have said is one of your favorites. Has that made her easier to write?

Steve: Yeah, I mean, I like writing all three, but I've always loved writing Hermione. Because, I just, one, she's a tremendous character for a lot of reasons for a writer, which also is she can carry exposition in a wonderful way because you just assume she read it in a book. If I need to tell the audience something...

JKR: Absolutely right, I find that all the time in the book, if you need to tell your readers something just put it in her. There are only two characters that you can put it convincingly into their dialogue. One is Hermione, the other is Dumbledore. In both cases you accept, it's plausible that they have, well Dumbledore knows pretty much everything anyway, but that Hermione has read it somewhere. So, she's handy.

Steve: Yeah, she's really handy. And she's also just, I think, just tremendously entertaining. There's something about her fierce intellect coupled with a complete lack of understanding of how she affects people sometimes that I just find charming and irresistible to write.

PS - Does anyone think it would be strange for me to name a daughter Hermione now? I feel like I should choose a less popular series of books. I have to continue the family tradition .. no child of mine will have a name from nowhere! (Unless I adopt, in which case it comes from their parents!)

Art in Cuba

For my bilingual friends, check out this article about art in Cuba. Of course they malrepresent the US, but the descriptions are good. If nothing else, and you don't speak any french, just look at the interesting picture. It is worth the quick visit.

Also, a site translated from the German.

American in Paris

He asked to be my friend on MySpace and couldn't help but fall into his extremely well-written blogs. He's an American musician living in Paris. I have not yet given him a listen, but if the lyrics are anything like the blogs, I think I may have found a new independent favorite (Jump Little Children has been moved to a classic since their break-up.)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lawsuits are a gas

Yeah. This is ridiculous. Who knew a whoopee cushion was sexual discrimination? And to think it caused a nervous breakdown. Further evidence that 1.) The British are more uptight than they need to be and 2.) lawsuits are getting out of hand.

Branching out for the Classics

Jeans are such a classic look, whether you are riding, walking, sporting, or modeling. Oh yeah, or praying. Ever had those horrible days when you just need to get down and pray but your jeans are too tight. Enter Al Quds. These new jeans made for Muslims (by Muslims too!) took research and more to fit the unique needs of the frequent prayer. We need a Catholic pair, with knee pads.

**Reminds me of the time we made those shoes in the fifth grade with the springs, the sponges, and something else as our advertising scheme. I miss Colleen and was it Deanna?**

Unemployment solution

Plus: A little extra cash
Minus: Work can only be done twice a year unless you consider flying from time zone to time zone. And then, VCR's will still be a problem.

Read about the boy who changed clocks.

Animals Gone Domestic?

Some interesting stories from CNN Offbeat about animals wreaking havic in their former domains.

The Sea Lion who Wouldn't go Home
I would like to say that it is sad that they talk about the high demand for the fish (human consumption) and then later reference endangered salmon to help convince people that their cause to "lethally romove" the animals is valuable. This is nature folks. Stop trying to regulate because you screwed it up. Just stop screwing up.

Ding-Dong, I came to Pick up my Date for Dinner.
Yeah, nothing like this. Kind of like the time we had Wally the pet alligator in the backyard. Our own fault. We lived in the former home of the Everglades.

Walmart Live-In

If you ever thought you spent too much time in Walmart during your time in college, here is someone who probably has you beat. And has alot of endurance.

Rejected Greeting Cards

You knew it had to exist - the Hallmark loser pile. The cards no one really sends. My favorite is this Christmas thriller - prepare to get it next Chrsitmas:

Among the losers is a holiday card that announces on its face, "Christmas just wouldn't be the same without peanut brittle." Then, inside: "Or Jesus."

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More to know about me

Brainy Kid

In high school, you were acing AP classes or hanging out in the computer lab.

You may have been a bit of a geek back then, but now you're a total success!

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!

I love these things when they come up right!

Free Information

I don't know where the right to privacy begins and ends anymore. I feel like if this is public information than people should be able to see it, and Google is just making it more accessible and in the same place. Simultaneously, I feel like it is a threat. Should just anyone be allowed to see the layout of a military base, how many planes are on the runway, boats in port, or submarines in dry dock? But if we give up that right for safety, aren't we then giving up the right to see the aerial imagery of the fields or deserts in the middle of nowhere that some people need to use as guidance materials when flying airplanes, balloons, deciding where to put roads, etc?

I feel like this is freedom of information and that law never foresaw this type of technology. But if you limit one thing, where does it stop?

Find out why I'm concerned.

Mafia? Garbage?

Frightening someone thought to ask. Loving the response. It's weird though, huh?