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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bird Flu Migration

More evidence of how stupidity kills. In this case, literally.

"Authorities questioned how the virus reached Europe." Has no one ever heard of migration? These creatures fly. How do you think they got her? By train?

I think I am going to have words with my neighbors tomorrow about bringing their ducks in the house, instead of leaving them in the yard. Oh, and I am making a sign for the door downstairs so people will shut it behind them. I had to chase another bird off of the landing this week through my bathroom window. And I'm worried about sleeping in a cabin all summer, ha!

Virginity as a Mitigating Factor

Can I just say that this is horrible, aboniable, and any other evil like word you can think of? As if previous sexual experience excuses someone from committing a crime. It reminds me of "My Short Skirt" from the Vagina Monologues. As it is V-Week right now, I hope people are railing on this issue left and right. Remind me to not go to Italy.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Politics 2008

After my earlier posting about getting involved in politics, I thought I would give you this link.

It has a pretty decent breakdown for the 2008 Presidential race and information about the primaries, caucuses, and current leaders in the House and Senate. If you make it to the bottom of the parties page, you'll also find links to 8 other (3 significantly larger than the others) political parties. These "Third Party" options might be a refreshing glance into the voices of the "little people." Happy reading.


I had no idea this existed, but I have to tell you that the idea really excites me. Yeah, yeah as if it wasn't bad enough that most of my friends are justy as nerdy as I am - I want to join an international organization of smart people. First thing's first though. I have to qualify.

When you check out the website, take the Mensa Workout. In deference to my source (and all fairness to the rest of the people who read this) no score quoting. Have fun and let your brain be stimulated!

Taking on Democracy

**Help America's Youth Make Informed Voting Choices**

It is once again an election year (albeit primarily Congressional) and the voters have the power to change the government. That is, the voters who show up.

The youth of America fought for the voting age to be reduced to 18 and in the 2002 mid-term elections voters 18-24 were represented by 19% of people our age. That's right friends and compatriots, 81% didn't even show up. I think that is a pitiful representation of our generation. We're better than that.

However, this message isn't about getting out the vote (though you really should). It is about making it easier to go and vote. Figuring out which candidate to vote for can be a pain. There are limited places to find all the information you need about which issues they support or are against and even after you do, sometimes you don't even know where YOU stand on the issue.

It would be pretty hard to get you everything you needed to know about every candidate in one place, but helping you get informed about issues is easy to do. And you can help.

Below is a list of issues, big and small, local and federal. Take some time to look over them. For sure, you have feelings about at least one of them. Help the youth of America make informed decisions on these issues. Write up a statement (whatever length you'd like) and send it to:

Your opinion will be compiled and added to a database which will be made available for everyone to read. If you aren't able to write up a policy statement - have no fear. You can make your contribution by linking to this site and getting the word out to everyone that this service is going to be made available.

The youth of America are going to help educate each other like never before. It may seem early to get this started, voting not being until November, but it is going to take some time to get all the information together and get the word out. Please help get the word out.

Issues (By subject Matter)

Gun (Control)
Drinking Age
Legalization of Marajauna
Public Transportation
Flag Burning

National/Standarized Tests
Elimination of Specialty Programs (Sports, Arts, Honors, etc)
Sexual Education
Evolution vs. Intelligent Design
Prayer in Schools
School Vouchers

Military Spending
Nuclear Proliferation
Placement of Overseas Troops
The Draft

Affirmative Action
Racial Profiling
English as a Second Language
Immigration Controls
Border Control

~Right to Life?~
Death Penalty

Campaign Finance

Greenhouse gas emissions
Exploratory drilling for oil

Gay Marriage
Gays in the Military
Hate Crime Legislation

Violence on TV/in Films

~Social Services~
Social Security
Prescription Drugs
Medical Research
AIDS and other disease education

If you are going to send a statement about one of these issues, or another that is important to you, please put the name of the issue in the subject line of your email to:

You will get a reply statement when your statement is received including when your statement will be posted with a link to the site (it is as yet to be determined, depending on response rate).

Any questions can also be referred to the above email address. Questions about how to vote, registering to vote, etc. are welcome as well.

Thank you for reading this through to the end. We are the future of our country. It's time we started making some decisions for ourselves.