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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Potter Protects Muggle Kids

This is an interesting article I got linked to through Worth reading for anyone, but particularly Harry Potter fans.

Movies about Space

If you really have nothing else to do and want to help me with some research ....

Count how many DVDs and videos you have.
Determine the number of those films that have a theme that includes anything space related. Science-fiction counts. So do dramas and action films that include references to NASA or the space race (ex. October Sky).
If you happen to have any TV series on tape, or series you watch regularly with a similar theme, please include those as well.

Post the total number of films/shows and the number of space related ones as well. If you have a ton of spare time, list them as well (the space related ones).

Thanks alot for your help.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bang Bang Bang

Created by Group X, this little cartoon will make most laugh and a significant number of parents shudder. (read: don't watch if you are easily offended)


Traveling abroad

Anyone considering traveling should check out this page first. Also, don't forget to register your trip before taking off!


Homestead Act of 1862

The Last Homesteader

I am sad to report that this law was repealed. I had been under the impression it was still possible to claim land. Still, I think it is worth noting this historical act and giving you a chance to read up on it yourselves.



Thanks to Kayla, I have found this fabulous resource of laughter and tears. Enjoy the cards and find the links to see more.



These are the websites, for some reason, I have found the need to comment on. I promise nothing special. Read at your own risk and discretion.