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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Movies about Space

If you really have nothing else to do and want to help me with some research ....

Count how many DVDs and videos you have.
Determine the number of those films that have a theme that includes anything space related. Science-fiction counts. So do dramas and action films that include references to NASA or the space race (ex. October Sky).
If you happen to have any TV series on tape, or series you watch regularly with a similar theme, please include those as well.

Post the total number of films/shows and the number of space related ones as well. If you have a ton of spare time, list them as well (the space related ones).

Thanks alot for your help.


At 02:50, Blogger Marco said...

Just for you:
I personally have ten DVDs (now that we have google video, this number isn't likely to grow much...). Of these ten, one directly involves space: Armageddon. Now, I do also have Minority Report and Matrix 3, both science fiction, but not really space related. Hugs.

At 22:51, Blogger pritcher said...

this surprised me: 35 videos and dvd's, none having to do with space.

but that doesn't count the roughly 75 vhs tapes (most of them full) of episodes of the various star trek series recorded off the tv between 1988 and now. these days they're good to watch while working out, and also for seeing old commercials.


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