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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Onion

If you want news in the most sarcastic form possible - have at this. I enjoy the horoscopes.


I have no idea why I looked this up. Don't worry, I am perfectly happy.

Atten: Sexual Inuendo

I love Marco for alot of reasons, but the weird stuff he finds on the web takes the cake. Check this out - and send it to a friend in June.

Road Names Gone Wild

Not kidding, my cousin Diane lives on Shades of Death Road. Any weird street signs near you?

Mature Brain

I am unsure if it is a good or bad thing that the brain appears to mature faster in children with superior intelligence - but I wonder about whether they also did a comparitive study of performance instead of just IQ tests.


As it turns out, there are an amazing number of locations that are snake-free for all of you who, like Indiana Jones, are fearful of the slithery creatures!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Missing the X?

Because it has been so long since my last dose of the X-Files, I decided to surf that too. The Timeline of events. I must say that although I am a fan, I don't think I could ever be enough of a fan to do anything like making this timeline or the previously referenced HP Lexicon. I tip my hat to all those who's passion drives them to such acts of incredible nerdiness and state my appreciation simultaneously.


If you have't talked to me since I finished reading the 6th Harry Potter (both times (English and French)), then you haven't heard all my theories on the Horcruxes etc. I direct you to the Harry Potter Lexicon, a fabulous source for any vocabulary or asundry other details about Harry Potter you lack. The page here is specifically citing Horcruxes and the last possible Horcrux is a definite in my mind. Also, thanks to Leacy, I believe that RAB is Regulus Black. The Lexicon agrees this is possible.

No One Reads This

I am under the impression that no one really reads this blog. Nevertheless, I think these sites are cool!