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Saturday, September 02, 2006

No Parking

How much do you want to bet the DOT did put up that sign? Or that they won't refund the full amount to the people who pay tickets due to a false sign?


Oily Hair

I wonder if they are going to dump Herbal Essence in there afterwards to make everyone at the resorts they're trying to save have an "organic" experience while wading through a very special seaweed.

I like the environmentally (relatively) safe response. At least they are doing something.


If we destroy our planet will science find a new one?

If I had a telescope I think I would do this. I don't know if I would leave Earth to help colonize another planet though. I think I have seen too many scifi movies where the colonists get royally screwed. But I wonder, if we get that far while I am still in a healthy state, might I change my mind? Would you go?


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Science Literacy Debate (Science and the Media)

And this is why I am so thrilled to work with him. (See previous entry) I did that project on the Popularization of Space Science three years ago and applied for that fellowship based on a similar theming "public opinion fed by media vs. facts." I am SO excited that I at least have common interests.


Matthew C. Nisbet's

This is the blog of my new supervisor. I will be his Graduate Research Assistant for at least this semester, if not, the rest of the school year. Luckily, this is significantly easier to read than some of the texts he had on the syllabus. Boy, am I going to have to get used to reading liberal arts based materials! (I miss the objectivity of science already!)

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