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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Free Information

I don't know where the right to privacy begins and ends anymore. I feel like if this is public information than people should be able to see it, and Google is just making it more accessible and in the same place. Simultaneously, I feel like it is a threat. Should just anyone be allowed to see the layout of a military base, how many planes are on the runway, boats in port, or submarines in dry dock? But if we give up that right for safety, aren't we then giving up the right to see the aerial imagery of the fields or deserts in the middle of nowhere that some people need to use as guidance materials when flying airplanes, balloons, deciding where to put roads, etc?

I feel like this is freedom of information and that law never foresaw this type of technology. But if you limit one thing, where does it stop?

Find out why I'm concerned.


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