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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thou shalt not lie

An article on lying. What is decent, what is indecent, and what is really worth it?

I am pretty firm on my no-lying stand. In fact, it is why many of my friends and family think I should avoid political office. But when you consider that even exaggerations or exemptions are lies - my future career as a spinner of stories is going to get me in an honesty pickle. I don't think that polling people and considering that worthy of whether or not it is morally right to lie is a good idea. People have such skewed morals as it is - better not let the masses help them make their choices. (Or Jerry Springer might be president.)

That being said, I thought the article was interesting. Two notes - in the end it says that they never "had" to lie, then they used a different response to the next question. Read it again and take into consideration that you lie even if you don't have to. Other note: I think lying to your kids about things to change their behavior is awful. If you want to discipline your child, do it seriously - tell them why. If they can't understand AND you can't explain it so they can, question your reasoning behind the punishment or discipline. They don't have to like it, but they should be able to understand it.

And just so you know, this is from personal experience. As it turns out, there is NO "little bad girl farm" I can be sent to when I misbehave too much; gaining too much weight will not give me a lazy eye; and I am not allergic to monkeys. These three things are all linked to quasi-tramatic times or realizations in my life. I will do my best not to lie to my kids. Remind me of this, please.


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