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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Apartment Hunting

I am destroying the original purpose of this blog I think. Anyway, I have been apartment hunting. is a pain. Craigslist has all sorts of crap on it. The newspaper listings make it very difficult to know anything. Choosing in a complex that is organized and well prepared for tenants more or less means an extra 100 a month. And it is almost midnight and I have been working on this for hours. Hours I tell you. I wish I knew how to do this right. I am going to read the classifieds in every paper, but I know I will still be struggling to put a good list together. I really want to find a good place in the city. Partly because I hate having to worry about public transportation and it only seems fair to look for a place in between my school and hers. Partly because I finally want to be able to live in a city and do city things and not have to worry about catching the last bus or metro back to my suburb. I feel like if I put myself in the middle of where the action is I can't help but to participate and see it. I want to be all over that. I really do. Not every night. Not even most nights. I am still me of course. But I really want to take this last year and "act like I am actually in my twenties" as my sister put it. Any assistance in the search for my new home would be greatly appreciated. Love always, ~Heather


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