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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Making Craters

I read this article about ... I started reading this article about how they are going to through 2.2 million pounds of dust into space by making a crater and I stopped reading. I had this wild idea. What if the reason there are so many craters on the moon right now is because of a former generation of organisms, who, like humans, tried to exploit resources off of another rock and failed miserably - their entire civilization disappearing beneath the waves in an Atlantis like showdown between Mother Nature and her unworthy offspring. I mean seriously, what if? All evidence could be buried in the middle of some nowhere ... proof of the insanity of the venture. And off we go to take over the moon. A new face in the human quest to colonize nations. At least there aren't any aboriginals on the moon. Or so we think.

PS - I have never been able to actually spot the man in the moon. Can someone point it out next time we're together?


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