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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Plan vs. Reality

I came all the way to school (a whopping three miles) to do my work, because I wanted to be productive and I'm not working. In truth, I feel like crap. I was supposed to go to a museum with my sister and instead I have to work. I wanted to meet with two of my professors, but they weren't in their offices. I really need to make this chart, but I have to finish the categorization first. More than anything else, I want to curl up at someone else's place and just lay there and watch television or a movie. Cuddling during this fantasized scene would be ideal.

Instead, I am going to finish typing this and then work on the categorization until I finish. After that, I am going to make the stupid chart and try to stop by and see at least one of my professors. I'm going to email the powerpoint chart I made last week with the appropriate corrections and then finish the recommendation letter I started for a former student. I'm going to be productive. I'm going to get stuff done. And then maybe I'll feel better.

I'm not really all that optimistic about that. Love always, ~Heather


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