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Sunday, September 03, 2006


I love the idea of a new design - a new way to put humans in space. I dislike that our innovation has stumbled into the realm of relying on past innovation with new technology. When we consider the new model are we forgetting some important factors? Like why the design was sicontinued to begin with? How having different companies designing the craft caused problems? Why do they blow off the three Apollo 1 astronaut deaths just because they weren't in the air? No one has yet to say how these new crafts will land. They don't say what kind of training will be required to fly them. No, they don't mention any of this, because if they told you they were retrograding to the time of parachute splashdowns (highly dangerous) and pilots who could only control their ships with thrusters smaller than your tailpipe you might be disappointed. One of my professors has been talking about seeing evidence of PR in almost everything he reads. Don't think NASA is giving you the whole deal here - they aren't. Oh, and don't imagine the timeline going any faster either. The release of the Lockheed-Martin deal seems perfectly timed to distract American science writers from discussing the European Space Agency's remote lunar landing this week. I wonder if I go into politics if I can change these people a little. Probably not. But then how?



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